Meet our Team

Pastors & Ministry Leaders

Pastor Dan & Dorcas Bergey

Senior Pastor

Dan and Dorcas Bergey were married in 1978 and have three children, three sons-in-love, and seven grandchildren.  They have been in Pastoral ministry together for more than 30 years.  Dan and Dorcas have a true heart and love for God's people and for ministry.  They enjoy seeing lives transformed by the power of God.  Dan holds a master's degree in Applied Ministry and Biblical Studies along with a doctorate in Marriage and Family Counseling and is the Senior Pastor here at New Life of Currituck.  Together, Dan and Dorcas enjoy spending time with God and time with their family.  In his free time, Dan can be found in his garage where he enjoys fixing or creating things with wood or anything car, truck, or tractor related.  In her free time, Dorcas can be found in the kitchen cooking up something delicious for her family.

Pastor Mark & Cheryl Goins

Associate Pastor

Pastor Mark Goins is a United States Marine Corps veteran who hails from the Philadelphia area.  He has been serving at NLC since August 2020.  As a young adult, he recognized his need for a Savior and came to faith in Christ during his first enlistment in the Marine Corps.  Soon after giving his life to Christ, it became quickly evident that Holy Spirit had gifted him for service within the worship, leadership, and teaching ministries of the Body of Christ.  Mark developed both a heart of worship, a hunger for the Word of God, and a passion for serving male and female offenders who were incarcerated in local jails and prisons.  He also provided practical support and aid to ex-offenders as they worked to reintegrate into society after serving time.
Pastor Mark received his biblical training at Philadelphia Biblical University earning a BS in Pastoral Studies.  He has served in many pastoral leadership, worship, and teaching ministries within the Church.  Pastor Mark’s personal ministry has long been marked by his passion for worship, serving others, directing men and women toward Christ-centered living, and serving the ex-offender community.   He maintains a zeal for explaining biblical and theological truth in an understandable way with a view towards application.
Pastor Mark is currently a Master of Divinity candidate at Regent University in Virginia Beach.  His goal in completing this program is to emerge as a sharper and more relevant tool for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in this age.  Pastor Mark’s life goal is to use every gift to the glory of God and the edification of the Body of Christ! 
Pastor Mark and Cheryl were married in 2008.  Between them they have four adult children and six grandchildren.  While living in Phoenix, Arizona, Mark and Cheryl most enjoyed exploring the southwest from the seat of their Honda Goldwing.  Here on the North Carolina coast since the summer of 2019, their favorite pastimes include a salt-water beach anywhere on the Outer Banks.
Cheryl is loving, friendly, warm, and quiet.  She will quickly tell you that she is nothing like her more boisterous husband!
Pastor Mark is intensely relational and often likes to voice that he administers great grace to those he meets and serves because he is the recipient of even greater grace!
Pastor Mark and Cheryl currently live in  Grandy, North Carolina.

Paul & Connie Warren

Paul was raised in Daytona Beach, Florida, and Connie started her life in Valparaiso, Indiana and moved to Daytona Beach, Florida when she was 12.
When Paul was 15, he was at a prayer meeting in his home, and he opened the Bible at random and it fell open to Isaiah 61:1 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach good news to the poor…”   He is sorry to say that he walked away from that word a few years later when he joined the USMC; however, through God's incredible grace and mercy, His giftings and callings are irrevocable.  Over the years, Paul has served as a youth pastor, Bible study leader, short term missions to Russia, Venezuela,  and Alaska as well as inner-city missions with Campus Crusade for Christ.  Presently, he is blessed with the opportunity to lead Wednesday Night Bible Study and speak once a month on Sunday mornings here at New Life of Currituck.  God is faithful.  
When Connie was 14, she started teaching a kid’s Bible class at her church.  She even told her mom that she wanted to be a nun.  She knew she just wanted to serve Him.  Connie still teaches children because they are her favorite people.  She loves to listen to their conversations and watch them discover new things.  Connie loves to help children find and explore God.  Jesus tells us to “Permit the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not!” and in Mark 10:16 “And He took them in His arms and blessed them, laying His hands on them.  To Connie, that is the most beautiful picture!  Paul loves to read and study the Word of God, and the more he does, the more clearly he sees and hears Him.  Paul loves to teach and share with others what he learns from studying.
Paul and Connie have been married since 1969.  They have three children and four grandchildren.  They enjoy spending time together from having coffee in the morning to having various adventures including remodeling and flipping houses, taking road trips, walks in the woods, and, of course, having cookouts with family and friends.
Paul has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. Connie is a Registered Nurse and has a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies.

Buddy & Tammie Capps

Worship Leader

Buddy and Tammie were both raised on the East Coast.  Buddy has been in church most of his life, but in October of 1993, he got more involved with worship and even was a youth pastor for a couple of years.  He then realized that his main calling was Worship.  Tammie started as a fill-in when Bud was starting with the Worship Team, co-taught youth with Bud, and she taught Sunday School.
Buddy is now the Worship Leader and Security Team Leader at New Life, and Tammie works in the Sound Booth to help her husband be the best he can be.  They also both serve on the Pastoral Council at New Life.
Buddy and Tammie have been married since 1993.  They have three adult children and one grandchild.  They enjoy traveling together and sitting in their living room together quietly on their own tablets.  They also enjoy spending time with their family.  Bud likes outdoor adventures and activities while Tammie likes to bless others with her baked goods, serving from inside with the air conditioning!
Buddy and Tammie both like to be behind the scenes helping others.  They try their best to portray what God has called them to do.  Tammie has a degree in Accounting, and Buddy has an Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate.

Tonya Capps

Media & Sound Lead

Tonya is originally from the northeast then moved to North Carolina when she was six.  She was saved at a very young age and was always involved in church from kid’s church, missionettes, and youth.  When in high school, she started to take a leadership role in Youth and was one of the leaders in a skit group that she helped start after seeing one in Street Camp (a revival for youth). 
Tonya currently serves in Media and Sound where she was politely voluntold by her parents and Pastor Dan.  She would like everyone to know that as she is serving God, she tried her best.
Tonya does not like walks on the beach.  Instead, she prefers to be inside with the air conditioning and doing as little as possible!  For relaxation, she enjoys sleeping, reading, watching movies and tv in the safety of her own home and air conditioning.  

Jeff & Jenny Hack

Jeff grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania, and Jenny grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia.  Jenny is the oldest daughter of Pastor Dan & Dorcas.  Jeff & Jenny were married in 2007 and have two boys together.  They have been attending New Life of Currituck since they relocated to this area in 2014.  
In 2015, they felt God calling them to serve on the Worship Team, so they put their minimal talents in God’s hands and watched Him grow something beautiful out of it!  In addition to the Worship Team, Jeff helps with IT/Tech related things at church while Jenny helps with Women’s Ministry and Social Media/Website and Graphic Design.  Jeff and Jenny also serve on the Pastoral Council.
Jeff and Jenny and their boys live in Moyock.  Jeff works in the IT field, and Jenny works in the court system, and they both work in Currituck, Dare, and other surrounding counties.  In addition to serving at New Life, they also help with projects and fundraisers at their boys’ school.  Jeff and Jenny enjoy spending time with family, playing music in their home music room, playing board or card games, and relaxing at their pool.

April Wooldridge

Youth Leader

April Wooldridge is the middle child of Pastor Dan and Dorcas Bergey.  She was born and raised on a dairy farm in Chesapeake, Virginia.  She has fond memories of “Day on the Farm” events when many in the Hampton Roads community would come to the farm in Chesapeake to enjoy ice cream, a hayride, or even the opportunity to milk a cow.   
April attended Mt. Pleasant Christian School as a child and went on to graduate from Hickory High School in Chesapeake.  April received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Virginia Wesleyan College. 
During April’s high school and college career, she heard God speak over her that He had given her a gift for children.  After receiving her degree in education, she began teaching elementary school for the public school system in Norfolk and volunteering at her church in Chesapeake teaching middle school-aged children.  April quickly realized that teaching younger kids was great, but God was calling her towards the middle school/high school age children.   
Then life happened for April, and suddenly she was a single mother who completely abandoned her faith altogether.  She worked for a family business for years and ignored God’s calling on her life.  This continued for a couple years until one day, she woke up and decided to start attending church again, hoping that God would forgive her.  God did forgive.  April started volunteering again in children’s church, and her faith continued to grow while she was serving. April currently serves as the Youth Leader here at New Life.
April married Ryan, who is currently enlisted in the United States Navy.  They have been married since 2010 and have three children between them: Richard, who is 13; Mackenzie, who is 13; and Tanner, who is 11.  Ryan and April enjoy working on projects together around the house or just sitting on the front porch swing and relaxing.  Their ideal vacation is a family trip on a lake with plenty of fishing, tubing, and kayaking. 
The most important thing that April wants others to remember is that prayer and kindness can go a long way.  April believes that through prayer, kindness, compassion, relationships, and communication, you can conquer everything that life brings your way. 

Rachel Berry

Nursery Leader

Rachel Berry was born and raised in Chesapeake, Va.  She is the youngest of Pastor Dan and Dorcas' daughters, and she grew up in the church.  Rachel graduated high school in 2002 and, because of her love for cars, decided to attend Advanced Technology Institute in Virginia Beach, VA and graduated with a degree in automotive technology.  While no longer in that field, that led her down the path to a job she loves as the Payroll Supervisor at Currituck County Schools in Currituck, NC (all by God’s hand).
In 2004, Rachel relocated to North Carolina.  She started becoming an Aunt and realized that she loved being around kids, interacting with them and being silly with them.  She felt God telling her this is a way you can serve but not be in the spotlight.  She served as security and as a nursery worker at a few different churches before coming back to her father’s church, New Life of Currituck, and eventually taking over as Nursery Leader.  Rachel would like everyone to know that she is the strong, silent type.  She enjoys serving but would like to stay behind the scenes.
Rachel married Chris Berry in 2017, and they welcomed a son, Lukas, in 2019.  In their spare time, Chris and Rachel enjoy going to car shows and going to the shooting range together.  As a family, they love relaxing on the lake, swimming, and going for boat and jet ski rides.  Any time spent around family is a good time.