Weekly Livestreamed Services

Welcome to the New Life of Currituck livestream!
We're glad to have you with us today!
Our Website: https://www.newlifecurrituck.org/
Giving: https://secure.subsplash.com/ui/access/5HJR5K/#/
Download our app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store called “New Life of Currituck”.
If you have been blessed by this ministry and would like to bless others, please consider sharing our app or website.  You can also submit your tithe or donations in the following ways: New Life of Currituck app, the Giving link above, or scan the QR code that appears on our beginning and ending slides.
For past messages, go to:  https://www.newlifecurrituck.org/messages
Thank you for joining us!

Listen via the App

The New Life of Currituck App is a great place to listen or watch past messages.  You can also join a messaging group, view the weekly bulletin, and easily give right from your phone!  The New Life of Currituck App is available in play stores.