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Passion Week

Love’s passion revealed.


Commonly called passion week, this is a look at it from the eyes of Mark. Mark, better known as John Mark was a strong servant. Not much is said of Mark, but the Apostle Paul spoke well of him as a true servant. I sense mark was a very spiritually aware man. Likely a very sensitive heart, not a just a follower but a faithful man willing to passionately serve. A wonderful example for you and I today. Please this week as you read Mark’s account of that week, full of uncertainty and pain join him in a journey through the blood. This is what I sense John Mark would want to speak to you about. Do not give up, do not let your fear remove your faith. Walk through the blood with passion and joy and celebrate the love of God given to you through Jesus Christ. Take on the challenges of life from the gift given to you through the same faith Jesus had that God would raise Him from the dead.


Monday – Read for Sunday Mark 11:1-11, then read for Monday Mark 11:12-19

Daily thought – See and Prophecy

Please note from verse 11, that Jesus surveyed the temple. There is a thought that as Jesus begun to prepare for the week ahead that there was a mental picture taken as a final reminder of what was about to happen. Through years of ministry to people who have lost loved ones, I often say to them that there is a new normal. There is pain that comes through the loss and each day for the rest of your life you will deal with that is some way. In this case Jesus understood that the pain of the sacrificial system that had been in place for many generations had not brought the closeness of love God desired as your creator. The barrier of that pain was about to be taken away forever, it would never be the same.  

Please note the reading of today our Monday, the second day of the passion week. The fig tree that was to bear fruit was not. All the sacrifices were not bearing fruit and was about to be accursed forever. It had never bore fruit, all it had done was created an opportunity for money changers, and system without passion. Jesus was about to change that for good, He could begin to see the passion God had for His creation even in the midst of chaos and confusion.

So today pray that God would reveal to you the purpose He has for you. He sees it, He has a passion for it. The greater question is do you?

Today do not demand anything from God. (Listen to the message the power of the cross given on Sunday March 25th, 2018 at New Life of Currituck) Just ask God to tell you what He has for you. Write it down, pray over it.

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 Daniel 9:3 (NAS)
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