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November Prayer and Fasting Day 3

Day Three

Pray for a pain-free relationship with God.  Allow your personal relationship with Jesus, by the power of His Holy Spirit, confront the PREY on your hurts.

Luke 4:9-13

9 And he led Him to Jerusalem and had Him stand on the pinnacle of the temple, and said to Him, "If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down from here; 10 for it is written, 'He will give His angels charge concerning You to guard You,' 11 and, 'On their hands they will bear You up, Lest You strike Your foot against a stone.'"

12 And Jesus answered and said to him, "It is said, 'You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.'" 13 And when the devil had finished every temptation, he departed from Him until an opportune time.

I am sure you have heard the phrase, "It is not the fall that hurts but the landing."  I grew up within a half-mile of a Navy practice landing field.  One of the most wonderful sights I can remember is to watch the paratroopers practice.  To see them jump out of the plane and open the parachutes and then, almost as if to snub their nose at gravity, float to the ground.  One morning, the sun glistened off of the plane as it ascended to the height of the jump.  I became excited at the sight that was to come.  That morning's hope quickly faded as I stood there and watched two of the jumpers, for whatever reason, race through the air without parachutes opening.  It seemed that before the men disappeared behind the treetops, I heard the sirens responding to the site of the landing.  As the events of the day unfolded, it was clear that these two men died during this training time.  So often, we desire to want a pain-free life.  Why can't life just be easy and without complications?  Why can't God just come down and zap my hurt and pain away and rescue me?  Why is it we have to be PREYED ON?  The Scriptures tell us that the pain in our life is a way for Jesus to teach us more about who He really is.  Yes, we are PREYED ON, but we do not have to accept that if we are PRAYED UP.  Jesus is more concerned about us being pain free in our understanding and relationship with Him in our Spirit than our physical bodies.  Jesus desires to guide us through the hurts and pains of this life to show others who He really is.


Jesus desires for me to find Joy in a way that He will help me understand who He is through the pain in my life.  The PREYED ON person says, God, give me a pill I can take to take away all the pain.  The PRAYED UP says, God, show me more about you through this pain I am experiencing.  The PREYED ON says, Can you believe what that person did or said to me?  They hurt me, and I am looking for an opportunity to settle the score.  The PRAYED UP says, Flesh and blood is not my enemy but rather the one that PREYS ON me, so I am going to see the PRAYED UP view of things by seeing how God is going to grow me and allow others to see the Jesus in me by my reaction to the hurt.


Lord, today I choose not to have my emotions PREYED ON, and I choose to become PRAYED UP by spending time daily with Jesus to build my relationship with Him. Lord, show me ways to deploy the Holy Spirit parachute today.  When the hurt of the landing is what the PREYED ON wants, I choose to be PRAYED UP and allow the Joy of the pain in this world change my perspective of You for others around me to enjoy.


Barco Campus
4134 Caratoke Hwy
Barco, NC 27917

Service Times

Barco Celebration 10:00 AM

 Luke 18:34 (NAS)
But the disciples understood none of these things, and I the meaning of this statement was hidden from them, and they did not comprehend the things that were said.
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