Date: 04/12/2020
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Passion Week

Wednesday – Read Mark 14:1-11

Thought - The pain and the blessing

Wednesday was going to be a calm day and shows what was important to Jesus. (God) Jesus was spending the day relaxing with those who were close to Him. The people that likely supported Him in the rough days of the ministry. I can see in my minds eye that this was the group that went every where with Jesus making sure things were ready for Him, willing to do anything He needed them to do no questions asked. What beautiful servants reflected here in this picture. It still is amazing to me that even today two worlds can clash so quickly, and if we do not have faith in Jesus it can be hard. The pain and the blessing is the clash. The blessing is that God loved Jesus so much that He was revealing to Jesus what would happen when people gave their all to Him. Just as the widow’s mite from yesterday here a woman was giving her very best to God. You see it was not only the cost of the perfume but the way it was given. No, I do not please Jesus just by opening the lid and pouring out a little bit here and there. When I am broken the perfume gets all over Jesus and fills the room with a wonderful aroma. When my life broken and worn down from life loving Jesus with all my heart, mind, and strength, and my neighbor as myself is a sweet aroma of Jesus to others. The pain is the individuals who say we are wasting our time, talent and treasure, and hope for our demise. Please remember that even during our demise God is seen and is a sweet aroma. (Listen to the message the power of the cross given March 25, 2018 at New Life of Currituck. The story of Job)

The tough question today for you and I is this. What in my life needs to be broken no matter what people may think?

We often hold on the masks because we worry about what others will think of us. Will they make fun of me? Will they think I am crazy? Will they not like me anymore?

Your worry is keeping you from experiencing true freedom in Christ. In just a few days there will be a revelation of the resurrection Jesus that will bring joy which washed away any pain of rejection.

Today make a list of those people who are important to you. Begin to pray for them and ask God how you can encourage Jesus by loving them the way He has loved you.

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