Date: 22/07/2018
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Daily Devotions

Saturday 3/3

 “The spirit of a man can endure his sickness, but a broken spirit who can bear? The mind of the prudent acquires knowledge, And the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” Proverbs 18:14-15

Daily Thought: Jesus took our broken spirit to the cross and put it to death because we could not handle it.

Receive God’s Holy Spirit through what Jesus did for you on the cross. Now are you ready to receive a renewed mind by being prudent, (Discerning between truth and a lie) and hear knowledge (God’s real answers for real life) through revelation?

Barco Campus
4134 Caratoke Hwy
Barco, NC 27917

Service Times

Barco Celebration 10:00 AM

 Ezekiel 20:28 (NAS)
"When I had brought them into the land which I swore to give to them, then they saw every high hill and every leafy tree, and they offered there their sacrifices and there they presented the provocation of their offering. There also they made their soothing aroma and there they poured out their drink offerings.
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